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Founder Director Poonam brings meritorious experience of having managed Citizen Services & Assistance Services at U.S. Embassy New Delhi for over 20 Years. She is the go-to person for the couple desiring to be parent either thru Adoption or Surrogacy; globally. She has been part of the Surrogacy and Adoption Policy & Cases since 2002. Poonam is an ‘Invitee’ to many conferences, forums and meetings to streamline the Pre & Post ART. She is supervising the Embryos Transfer between countries.

Poonam has helped IPs from 34+ countries for Surrogacy in India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Georgia, Kiev, Canada, Kenya. Her Compassionate nature is the key to services related to Clinic Selection, Embryo Transfer, Agreements & Baby Passport.

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International Star Overseas Services (ISOS) provides a seamless process to assist intended parents (IP/s) through surrogacy to legally exit the country where infant/s are born and legally enter the IPs’ home country (30+ e.g. Australia, UK, Ireland, Spain, Canada, USA). Poonam’s ISOS one-stop-shop for the IPs to get tension free exit from countries such as Ukraine, India, Kenya, Cambodia, Thailand and Nepal to entry of IPs’ home country with newborn baby(ies).

ISOS has helped IPs even during 2017-2019 in completing their surrogacy journey from India.

ISOS team assists families with professionalism and expertise to ensure a seamless process. The Unit is supported by regional staff.