Passport & Visa

International Star Overseas Services (ISOS) is led by Ms. Poonam, who has worked at US Embassy, Delhi in Immigration Visa, Non-Immigration Visa and American Citizen Services Department.

Poonam suggests, counsels, advice, support and guide the Visa Aspirants for Immigrant, Non-Immigrant, Student, Medical, Adoption, Surrogacy and Invest. This is specially for US, UK, Canada, & Australia.

Motto: Applicant shall save:

  1. Time on paperwork
  2. Confusion and complexity on Financial, Professional, Family and legal documents and application details
  3. Money on repeat application fees and rejections
  4. Money on Expert consulting fee

This helps individual plan their Education, Career, Family & Business

Poonam is supported by Ms. Dolly, who again has 25+ years of experience at Embassy. Further, ISOS has specialized panel for each country. We are present in Australia, Dubai, Muscat, Canada and Ukraine.

ISOS is known for Economy, Expedited and Experienced approach.