Baby Adoption


International Star Overseas Services (ISOS) is experienced in Baby (Child) Adoption, both at India and many other countries. Poonam has facilitated many adoptions since 1990s; for Americans at India and neighbouring countries. She has been certified at Department of State (US) on such aspects. In the recent times, she helped citizens of other countries too. Poonam has worked very closely with the Ministry of Women and Child Development in some of the Policy and procedure discussions. Poonam’s ability to empathise and handle Family Welfare has prompted International Star Overseas Services (ISOS) to offer services on Adoption, Citizenship & Child Custody.

Poonam provides Counselling and guidance to the parents seeking child through adoption. She can handhold the parents thru the identification of child, processes, documentations, Clearances, permissions, legal work and passport etc. ISOS ensures that our clients enjoy the parenthood, with least of hassles.